1:1 Relief Face Oil –⁠ 20 mL

750 mg CBD + 750 mg THC | 20 mL / 0.67 fl oz

Wellfounded’s renewing face oil celebrates cannabis’ many therapeutic wonders with a symphony of natural botanicals. And it was developed for all skin types in mind.

Key Ingredients

Cannabis Oil
A full-spectrum oil, formulated to alleviate severe inflammation and pain, reduce redness, and protect and nurture a clear and healthy complexion.

Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides
A natural alternative to synthetic emollients derived from coconut oil, developed to offer antioxidant qualities, hydrate and soften your skin, and extend the shelf life of the formulas they are in.

Sunflower Seed Oil
A highly absorbent, non-comedogenic oil that helps to reduce inflammation while supporting the skin’s natural barrier.

Safflower Seed Oil
A superior moisturizer, great for all skin types, and designed to provide you with a plump, dewy, glowy, bright, and balanced complexion.

Marula Seed Oil
A lightweight oil, rich in Vitamins C & E, designed to reduce free radical damage, boost cellular turnover, and stimulate collagen production.

Meadowfoam Seed Oil
An incredibly nourishing oil native to California and ideal for sensitive skin types, developed to balance, brighten, intensely hydrate, and enhance the shelf life of our skincare formulas.

Avocado Oil
A highly penetrating and deeply nourishing emollient, packed with Vitamins A and E and developed for its regenerative and hydrating capabilities that improve your skin’s texture, strengthen its barrier.

Baobab Seed Oil
A Vitamin C and essential fatty acid-dence oil to help deeply moisturize skin, accelerate skin cell regeneration, improve elasticity and firmness, and accelerate the healing of wounds and scars.

Powerful antioxidant properties found in this naturally occurring skincare agent are designed to retain moisture and act as a shield in protecting your skin from damaging environmental pollutants.

Natural Pomegranate Fragrance
An antioxidant-rich, fresh fragrance. Always natural, never synthetic.

Algae Extract
A marine-harvested ingredient formulated to preserve the elasticity and cellular structure of your skin with its revolutionary anti-aging capabilities, and loaded with amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Sun-Grown With Love

Wellfounded products are made with full-spectrum cannabis oil derived from single source small batch production, and lovingly sun-grown on our family farm in Santa Barbara. Our antioxidant-rich therapies are meticulously crafted for quality and effect using whole flower, natural terpenes, no additives, and only the cleanest methods of extraction.

Common Questions