Wellfounded’s mission is to make more potent and efficacious cannabis products accessible for all those in need of therapeutic relief.

Our products are inspired by Sara’s experiences and offer the same relief she finds today.

We have a stubborn commitment to doing things right.

Here in Santa Barbara County, we are growing in some of the best farmland in the world. We take all the goodness that this terroir, climate and environment has to offer and lovingly put it into everything we produce on our farm.

We stand by our values in order to create unparalleled products.

Active Concentrates

Wellfounded’s full-spectrum cannabis oil harnesses the healing power of the whole plant to produce superior concentrations in all our product offerings. Rich in cannabinoids, flavonoids and fatty acids, our CBD and THC compounds work in conjunction with one another, magnifying their individual benefits and resulting in potent and effective wellness therapies for you.

Personalized Dosing

Wellfounded’s products offer the ultimate in dosage control and customizable therapy to meet your unique individual needs. Designed for convenience with fewer variables, and a lot of flexibility, our potent signature formulas will carry you from day to night, and everywhere in between. We like to call it a curated approach to cannabinoids.

Sustainable Farming

We have a saying here at Wellfounded – nothing goes to waste on the farm. A mantra we live by. We brew compost tea from our trim to feed our plants, and use that great big orange ball in the sky to provide most of our energy. We grow a crop that is actually the friendliest for the soil, and it is the most restrictive and conservative of water with zero tolerance for pesticides or herbicides. There’s always more to learn and we’re eagerly embracing any and all sustainable practices we discover.

Organic Practices

Organic isn’t just a label we slap on our products. It’s been a passionate way of life since we began that we bring into everything we produce, from food to flower and everything in between. Our farming practices have been described as the Gold Standard by the California Department of Food and Agriculture—a badge we proudly wear. We are Clean Green Certified, which means we are adhering to protocols with the highest level of farming standards in the world. We back that up with the strictest and most transparent testing in the world, which ensures that the products you enjoy are the safest in the world.

We are committed stewards of the land, dedicated to innovative farming practices that promote ecological balance.